Nickelodeon Popcorn

3D, Branding, Project

I feel lucky to had the opportunity to work with the Comodo Screen studio who made this piece for one of Nickelodeon’s channels: Popcorn.

My role in this project was modeling, shading, lighting, rendering (C4D and Vray), compositing and 2D FX (After Effects).
I want to thank all the people involved in this project and to let me participate and learn with them.

Direction: Cómodo Screen
Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative and Art Director: Pep Prior
Character Design: Pep Prior
Illustrations: Pep Prior
Gerardo Castellanos: Modelling, rigging and animation
Javier Corzo: Modelling, rigging and animation
Miquel Rodriguez (Berd): Modeling, shading, lighting, compositing and 2D FX (After Effects).
Juan José Surace: Modelling
Marc García: Modelling
Communication: Vera Ciria