Canal + El Día del Futbol

3D, Project


From Cómodo Screen:

Working the entire concept in 3D, we concentrated on opposing elements such as triumph and defeat, glory and failure or courage and struggle. Static images, moments of maximum intensity captured in time, act as spectacular dioramas of football scenes. You can almost feel the tension, see the ball spinning into the goal, the cameras catching different angles, just like in a real match.



My role in this projects was: Texturing UV maps, animated background, loops and logomotions.

  • Silver Promax Europe 2013 Award – Best Programme Branding Design
  • Bronze Laus 2013 – Audiovisuals TV/Film Identity


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Original idea by: Cómodo Screen

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative Directors: Abel Lopez & Pep Prior
Art Directors: Abel Lopez & Pep Prior
Communication: Vera Ciria